Rutland Water Fishing boat

Competition Rules and Boats


During the World Championship 3 species will score, Pike 50cm+, Zander 40cm+ and Perch 25cm+, Trout species will not score. There is no requirement to fish barbless and treble hooks will be allowed for the duration of this competition. Anchors with 30ft (10m) of rope and drogues are supplied, extensions of rope for the anchor is not permitted while clamps for drogues will not be supplied. Landing nets are also supplied, competitors may not use their own landing nets for biosecurity reasons. Electric outboards are permitted. Anglian Water minimum lure size rules will only apply during unofficial practice, during official training and competition days there will be no minimum lure sizes.


The Angling Trust will make all boats available for competitors for the duration of the event. NO private boats are permitted on Rutland Water at any time. This is due to biosecurity measures imposed by the Environment Agency and Anglian Water to prevent invasive species being transferred to English waters.

The boats that will be provided are 16ft Coulam boats fitted with 5hp engines, an anchor with 30ft (10m) of rope and a drogue (clamps not supplied). Each competitor and steward will be supplied with a life jacket.

A maximum of three persons will be permitted in the boat at any one time. On training days, two anglers + one reserve or manager are permitted in the boat. On competition days, each boat or pair of anglers will be allocated a steward and the boat will be driven exclusively by the steward. Stewards will not be provided during training days. Reserves may be required to participate as a steward on competition day two.

An additional 15 minutes will be added to the start and end of each day to allow for travel time, this will compensate for the small size of the engines provided. The competition start and end time will remain at 10.00 and 16.00. Boats will be moored at the jetty close to the Fishing Lodge. Boats will be allocated through a draw for training and competition days. All boats and engines supplied will be the same for all competitors.

The venue shall be closed to competitors 14 days before the competition start date. Boats and permits can be obtained before this date and should be booked direct with the Fishing Lodge at Rutland Water.

Further information: + 44 1780 686441 or visit the Anglian Water website

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